I wear Converse All-Stars (almost) all of the time. Only high-tops will do, and the color must constantly vary. I currently own 22 pairs.

Roll your mouse over the thumbnails on the left.

Not pictured: purple, flourescent green, color block, turquoise, and black.

I buy my shoes from American Athletics. Unfortunately, their web site sucks, so you generally have to call to find out all the colors they've got, but Gary's a decent guy and will help you out.

No, I never wear intermingled pairs, unless I'm a little distracted when dressing in the morning.

The green beaded shoes (second row, right side) were made from a worn-out pair by my mother and father as a Christmas gift for Christmas 1998. While they are spectacular, unfortunately, they're not durable enough to wear.

The painted night & day shoes (fifth row, middle) were my first pair. One weekend afternoon I was seized by the vision of these shoes and had to make them immediately. This rush to realization led me to buy the shoes one size too small, so I rarely wear them.

I'm going to reshoot the photos and re-do this page Real Soon Now, but I thought I'd put it up as-is for the moment. (Page originally prepared Aug. 11, 1999; this note written Sept. 20, 1999.)

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